To give you the best Minecraft experience possible, we have some basic rules.

Cheating and Game Modifications

Any game modification that gives you advantages over other players is not allowed. This especially refers to anything that breaks game mechanics, such as flying. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • X-Ray vision
  • Flying hacks
  • Click and/or Speed Hacks/Bots

Social and Chat Rules

We are not just a server, we are a community. To help our community be as welcoming as possible, we have some very simple chat rules.

  • Please be polite to fellow players
  • Please listen to and respect staff
  • Respect your fellow players
  • Do not harass players (i.e. frequent teleport requests, etc)
  • Racism and hate speech is STRICTLY prohibited. Casual cursing is fine.
  • Do not spam chat with frequent messages or all caps
  • Do not link to other servers
  • Do not link to unsafe or innapropriate websites

Ingame Actions

Some actions ingame that are prohibited

  • Griefing in PVE/Creative worlds
  • Killing animals (considered griefing)
  • Clearing other players' farms (replant!)
  • Protect your items! Chests are automatically protected when placed, there is no excuse for them to be left open!