As a member of our community, you earn promotions through time on the server and being a part of the community. The ranks below include how to get them and what perks and bonuses come with them. Please keep in mind all circumstances are different and these are just some guidelines.

Guest: Our basic default rank. All new players gain this rank upon joining.

  • 2 homes
  • Chest protection commands
  • Basic /tpa and /tpahere commands
  • Access to all worlds

Initiate: Our first rewarded rank. This is granted after 4 hours of play.

  • 3 Homes
  • Creating chest shops

Player: Our standard survival rank. This is automatically awarded after 12 hours of play.

  • 4 Homes
  • Creating chest shops

Member: The backbone of our survival community. This is awarded after 36 hours of play.

  • 5 homes
  • Access to extra warps, including Outpost warps
  • Lite world edit in CREATIVE WORLDS ONLY (coming soon!)

Veteran: Only the longest playing members of the community achieve this rank.

  • 7 homes
  • /hat command - wear any block as your hat!
  • Basic /tpa and /tpahere commands

Builder: Rank given to awesome creative builders.

  • Extra Homes
  • Creative world perks