Cydonia Servers

Survival, Adventure, Plot and Terrain Creative

From a vanilla created survival world, to an adventure world with towering mountains and majestic forrests.
Simple plot creative to custom terrain world.

Cydonia has it all. Become a part of our community today.
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Welcome to Cydonia Servers

We are a team of dedicated players, both survival and creative, who are working to give you the best Minecraft experience available!

We offer both survival and creative. Some of our staff and players have already created some wonderful towns in our survival world to explore and enjoy. However, the world is massive, and there is plenty of room to explore and choose your own path.

Server News and Events

We hold special contests and events every month!

News Reports
Upgrade to Dedicated Server!

We have just upgraded to a much more powerful server with a brand new domain. Not only will this provide a smoother playing experience but it will allow us to continue work on some wonderful projects for the future.

December Voting Contest!

Our december voting contest winner is EnderODays! He chose an architect designed manor in our custom world.

New Staff

Please welcome PoopisTheWizard to our moderator team! He has become a great part of our community and we all look forward to working together!